Hello, world

“Who am I? Why am I here?”
—Admiral James Stockdale

My name is Dave Lee. I’m a longtime Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor activist and Young Dems alum—another way of saying I’m a grown-up Democrat with vestiges of youthiness. I live in Minneapolis and work in IT support for a company I’m sure you’ve heard of.

This blog is about the Electoral College. I was recently nominated for elector by the 5th Congressional District DFL. This means that if we Democrats do our work and win Minnesota in November, I’ll have the deep honor of casting one of those 10 “blue” votes for Barack Obama (and another for his VP).

This is often seen as a strictly ceremonial duty. But when I was seeking the position, I had a better idea: to use this rare opportunity to shed light on this obscure feature of American government. Hence, this blog.

Some of the angles we’ll explore include:

  • How to become an elector
  • Interesting history and trivia
  • Things that make you go “Uh-oh!”—the “faithless elector,” the “wrong winner,” the House contingency, and more
  • Reform and abolition schemes
  • The December 15 voting process
  • The theory behind it all

Whoever you are—Democrat, Republican, or something else; activist, couch potato, or even past elector—I need your feedback and ideas!

So, what is the deal with the Electoral College?

Stay tuned.