With Barack Obama claiming the electoral vote for Nebraska’s 2nd District, Republicans in the state are moving for a switch to winner-take-all:

David Kramer with the Republican Party says it has nothing to do with the increased number of registered democrats. “I think it’s a question of fairness.” Kramer says the system only works for the democrats. Kramer says, “If it’s good for us here than it ought to be good for us in California, in New York and those places where democrats would fight tooth and nail to make sure this kind of proposal never ever got passed.”

(Yes, I know it should be “Democrats,” not “democrats.” I’m just the messenger.)

As covered before, Nebraska and Maine are unusual in how they allocate electoral votes. In the case of Nebraska, two of its five EVs go to the statewide winner, with the other three awarded by congressional district. Obama’s victory in the 2nd District is the first time in the modern era that a split has actually occurred.

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