Former Denver Mayor Wellington Webb, one of the nine Colorado electors, is spotlighted in this piece from the Rocky Mountain News. There’s some nice perspective on how America and Colorado have changed over the decades:

When Wellington Webb steps into the state Capitol on Dec. 15 to cast an official electoral vote for president-elect Barack Obama, a lot will be racing through his mind.

He’ll remember how his wife, Wilma, fought for years to make Martin Luther King Jr. Day a holiday in Colorado. He’ll remember how the state legislature, once run by the Ku Klux Klan, is now led by two black lawmakers, Speaker of the House Terrance Carroll and Senate President Peter Groff.

The piece also discusses details of the process in Colorado, including the December 15 Electoral College meeting and the extravagant per diem paid to electors in that state ($5.00 plus 15¢ per mile). Finally, it lists Colorado’s 2008 Democratic electors:

  • Margaret Atencio
  • Camilla Auger
  • Polly Baca
  • Ann Knollman
  • Terry Phillips
  • Pam Shaddock
  • Don Strickland
  • Jennifer Trujillo-Sanchez
  • Wellington Webb

Photo by Thorne Enterprises, found on Flickr. Some rights reserved.

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