I suggested in my last post that only actual candidates should appear on the ballot. I’m not sayin’ I told ya so—I’m just sayin’:

(Ron) Paul, in a letter to the secretary of state, said his name was nominated by the Constitution Party of Montana without his permission.

The secretary of state’s office said there does not appear to be a provision to remove Paul’s name at this point. At least some counties have started printing ballots, officials said.

[from the Flathead Beacon]

Rep. Paul had been reported to have passively accepted the filing of electors pledged in his name. But in what is shaping up to be a very tight Electoral College race, the splitting of the Republican vote in Montana could be a serious concern for John McCain.

After all, Paul has significant support there, having defeated Sen. McCain in the Montana caucuses (albeit with few people voting). And that red state has been trending blue in federal and state elections—now having two Democratic senators, a Democratic governor, and a Democratic State Senate.

Although Ron Paul isn’t supporting John McCain, perhaps he decided (or was persuaded) against nadering him outright.

(h/t Ballot Access News)

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