Mississippi clarifies filing deadline

It seems that laws often come into being in response to glitches or oversights in existing laws, rather than through some proactive impulse. According to Ballot Access News, that’s the case in Mississippi, where the governor has signed a bill to specify a closing time of 5 p.m. on the last day for filing presidential elector paperwork by parties.

Back in 2008, the Socialist Party’s presidential elector papers were submitted on the filing deadline—but after business hours—and rejected by Mississippi’s secretary of state.

Interview with a Massachusetts elector

Here’s a series of short videos, totaling about 15 minutes, with 2004 Kerry elector Elizabeth Moroney. Some of the things she discusses:

  • Her background as a chief of staff for a state senator;
  • The process of getting nominated for elector by the Democrats in her state of Massachusetts;
  • What the ceremony was like (similar to the process here in Minnesota, but more formal).

Check it out:


(I had nothing to do with the interview, nor with the videos; this seems to be part of some sort of online course.)