Eight years ago

As I mentioned earlier, Vice President Cheney presided today over the joint session certifying Obama’s and Biden’s victory. It’s interesting to watch.

Still, we may never again see high drama like Al Gore’s performance of the same role in January 2001, turning down challenge after challenge from African-American House Democrats.

I can’t find unedited video, but here’s a clip from Fahrenheit 9/11:

And here’s an article about it.

Congress accepts electoral votes

It seems like a long time already since the election, but only today is it officially officially official. Vice President Cheney presided over a joint session which tallied the Electoral College result by a roll call of states.

Obviously I knew Minnesota had cast its votes correctly this time, but it was still a slight relief to hear:

The certificate of electoral vote of the State of Minnesota seems to be regular in form and authentic, and it appears therefrom that Barack Obama of the State of Illinois received 10 votes for President, and Joseph Biden of the State of Delaware received 10 votes for Vice President.

I don’t see a way to embed the video here, but C-SPAN has the whole event.